Dinner  an other offers

All you can eat

At our buffet could you serve yourself from the starters to desserts and so much as you like and can eat.

Our menus are freshly made, balanced and a gourmet tour through Thailand. You have the possiblities to choose from more than 12 differents delicious menues (vegetarien, meaty and seafood).

The food is not spicy cooked, that children can eat as well. But for peoples, which like to eat spicy, we have right ingredients like chili etc. to improve the tastes.


Please help yourself at the H2O-Bar, were you can drink still water.

If you prefer other drinks like sweet drinks, choice wines, beers, Thai beer, coffee or tea, could you buy at the counter.

Cost / Price

All you can eat include still water from the H2O Bar;

Adults and Children older than 10 years             36.- sFr.  / apiece
Children until 1.10m or younger than 6 years    for free
Children until 1.40m or younger than 10 years 18.- sFr. / apiece
(always the date of birth is relevant)

We accept Cash and

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Event by Mas

For groups  >20 adults could you booking the Restaurant from Monday until Wednesday for your Birthday Party, Events or what ever your reason is. Of course we will organize Thai Food meanwhile your Event.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by Email bymas@bymas.ch  or by phone /home

We are here_byMas_Jan 2019.pdf

Allergies   https://www.aha.ch    (German)

Should you have an allergy, we regret this. In case of obscurities, please contact us that we can inform you correctly.

Unfortunately we can not prevent any contamination at the buffet. 

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Of course could you booking one or more tables. Please do not hesitate to contact us by Email  bymas@bymas.ch  or by phone /home

Children's play corner 

In the children's play area is expressly desired to play!!